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Thirty Years War: Causes and End

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Please discuss the causes of the Thirty Years War and what finally led to the war's end in detail.

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Everyone seems to agree that the Thirty Years War contained the most devastating damage and complicated alliances until the advent of the First World War. However, for better or worse, there is considerable argument as to what effectually caused the Thirty Years War. Naturally, given the war's importance, this seems logically natural for interested people to discuss. Among these variously existing explanations are the idea that the war raged for primarily religious reasons, that states were sociologically ripe for desiring a building phase, that empires past and present collided due to a lack of a distinctive ends to their respective eras of leadership, that economics and social practices (now under several centuries of use) had worn down to the point of collapse, and that government found itself in the same degraded circumstances since medieval systems seemed to work less and less. The explanations that emerge as strongest from evidence, however, are two: the creation and ...

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The causes of the Thirty Years War and their merits are discussed, the most defensible presented with reasoning, and the end of the war described with an aim to illustrate their maturation.

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