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Layman terms for Hindu words

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I am taking a World Religion class as an elective in my 1st year of college, I thought I had an understanding of word associated with the various religions. I need help in gaining a thorough understanding of the following terms but not so advanced that I do not retain the information. There are many popular definitions of the words that people feel they mean but I am having a difficult time comparing them to the dictionary meanings and tying them into the religion(does this make sense?) I am returning to college after 20 years, so I am struggling with this information.


Also how do you think Christianity, a faith based on the teachings of the bible (one text) divided into so many denominations?

What two effects has organized religion had on society and can you provide some examples past/and or present world events? My instructor marked me off and I asked for feedback and did not receive any

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Karma: The root meaning of karma is action and activity. Therefore, with the Hindu religion karma is seem as action of any kind: not only of the physical body but also of the inner mind and psyche. Karma is seem as the moving forward of life. Hence, it is also understood to be the driving force of what many understand as evolution. Because karma is understood as action forward, it can be seen as the root source for the law of cause and effect. In other words, it is not only action and activity, but the result as well. It is the essence of cause and effect.

Reincarnation: This doctrine deals with the idea that a living creature can be given flesh again after it has once died. The portion that is usually considered reborn is known as the soul or the spirit. To many, the new life form develops a new personality based on the life experiences of the previous life (or lives). Within the Hindu faith, the soul is thought to be immortal. Therefore, it can never die. Therefore, when the body dies, the soul must find its way back into another body.

Yoga: Yoga involves a whole family of ...