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Hindu caste system

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If you were a member of the Hindu caste system, to what social class would you belong? What would this mean for your Hindu practice?

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Due to my blue collar family heritage and upbringing, I concur that I'd likely be in the third Hindu caste of the merchants, traders, farmers and craftsmen. This caste is called the Vaishya.

As ...

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Apply the Hindu caste system to your own life briefly

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Hinduism's caste system

When most people are asked anything about the Hindu religion, generally they will be able to label karma and yoga.

1. How does the caste system tie into karma? In other words, what is the relationship between karma, caste and reincarnation?

2. How does the Christian notion of Social Justice (helping one;s neighbor) fit with the Hindu concept of caste and reincarnation?

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