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Understanding the Concept of Religion

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1. In your discussion, be sure to detail the concept of "tradition" and illustrate your discussion with concepts/practices/beliefs, etc., from any of the "traditions we have examined to date. I'm not sure if my outline/part essay is covering the points my professor wants me to make.

2. Second, should I discuss "traditions" according to the three forms of Religious Expression (theoretical, sociological, practical) or 4 elements of a working "tradition." If so, how?

3. My essay can only be two pages long, so I need advice on the best way to approach this topic. Also, should I write this in first person or first and third. I've worked on this paper for a long time, and I feel like I'm going around in circles. Any help would be appreciated.

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This solution provides suggestions for an assignment, which asks for the concept "religion" to be summarized from a personal perspective.

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I have read the assignment question, your outline and what you have written so far. Before we get started, I would like to point out the nature and intent of essay questions written in this open style. It is intended to give you, the student, the flexibility to write the points that are salient to you. There are no right or wrong ideas, as long as they are addressing the question. You have several questions, which we will address in the order that you have written them.

1. "I'm not sure if my outline/part essay is covering the points my professor wants me to make."

In your second attachment, your professor states the four areas that you have covered in class and then says: "In light of your study and reflection on these points...address the following three..." This is a good starting point. The professor obviously wants you to stay within the perimeters of what you have taken in class. It may be helpful to re-read the four areas that you have covered.

Next, we need to determine what the question is asking? Although the professor has left it somewhat open "Briefly summarize the concept of 'religion' as you understand it"-he or she seems to be suggesting that you stay within the perimeter of explaining religion in terms of tradition as it was discussed in class. I would suggest that you do that.

Some questions to ask yourself may be, how do I understand religion in terms of "tradition" and in light of what I have learned in class? It may be helpful to jot down your thoughts, possibly referring to your notes as you are to write your discussion "...in light of your ...

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