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    Similarities between the Christian and Buddhist worldviews.

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    In a Christian perspective,have you learned that you have some beliefs contained in any Worldviews you didn't expect? Explain.

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    It is inevitable that we, as Christians will find some of our beliefs mirrored in other Worldviews. As believers we would explain this by acknowledging that since God is the creator of everything, His truth will be present in some form in every worldview that exists. His truth will be distorted by sin but a kernel of that truth will still be present.

    I currently live in Thailand and it is interesting to see similarities between Buddhism and Christianity as far as worldviews are concerned. For example each morning Buddhist ...

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    This is a brief discussion regarding the fact that just because worldviews are different, they are not mutually exclusive. In this discussion the worldviews of Christianity and Buddhism are examined. Over 350 words of original text.