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    Priestly versus Yahwist Creation Accounts

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    How do the Priestly and Yahwist creation accounts compare to the current Christian Creationist Theories of today?

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    The Priestly account corresponds roughly to Genesis, Chapter 1, while the Yahwist account corresponds to Genesis, Chapters 2. Some scholars believe that the Yahwist account is the earlier written account, while the Priestly account was written perhaps 500 years later and was intended to ritualize the creation account and combat some of the teaching infiltrating the Jewish culture from nearby Middle Eastern religions.

    The Priestly account emphasizes man's role as dominator and master of the earth. It places mankind far above the other created beings. It portrays God in cosmic terms overall, but not necessarily involved locally or personally. This priestly account gives an account of the creation of the entire universe and all that is in it, attributing the source of everything to God. A timeframe for the creation is also given, six days of creation followed by one day of rest. The emphasis on the power, omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of God is meant to counter the beliefs in the Near Eastern gods under whom the Israelites lived as ...

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    The expert determines how Priestly and Yahwish creation accounts compare to the current Christian Creationist Theories of today.