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    Physical challenges inherent in the Buddhist religion.

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    What are some of the physically challenging aspects of religion, especially in Buddhist practices?

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    I can comment a little on Buddhism in Thailand. I teach at an international school in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and have learned about Buddhism and seen it lived out while I've been here.

    One physically challenging aspect is the restriction placed on monks regarding touching women. Monks are not allowed to touch a woman and if touched by a woman they become "unclean." There are many times when this is a physically challenging limitation. There are thousands of monks in our city. One of the reasons for this is that many males, especially young boys will enter the monkhood for only a short time in order to earn merit for themselves, their ...

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    This solution examines the physical challenges faced by followers of the Buddhist religion. Over 450 words of original text documenting physical challenges faced by Buddhists specifically in Thailand.