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Jainism and Farming Individuals

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What do you think of the fact that individuals who take part in the Jainism religion avoid being farmers so they will not hurt insects in the process of farming, and yet they eat what is produced by farms? It seems they pay others to farm and hurt insects. Do you see this as a conflict with what they teach? Do you see any issues like this in your own religion, if you partake in one?

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The expert examines Jainism and Farming individuals. The conflict and what it teaches are determined.

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These questions ask the validity of a practice that sources out the stepping on worms and insects to eat food farmed by others to protect the Karma of the Jains. They have so many rules, they are one of the smallest religious groups because it is rife with contradiction.

I do believe there is a conflict between belief and practice. Most religions will have these if they include dietary laws such as Judaism and Islam. Most religious beliefs have their conflicts. But in terms of farming practice, the Jains seem to be only protecting their own Karma and not feeling much concerned with the Karma of others. Even though the caste system is not meant to still exist, and Jains originally wanted to protest the caste systems of India, for ...

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