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    Jainism and Sikhism

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    1.) Identify the cultural factors that led to the development of Jainism and/or Sikhism.

    2.) Identify the primary beliefs in Jainism and/or Sikhism.

    3.) Analyze and evaluate the strict ethical standards of Jainism.

    4.) Identify those characteristics that make Jainism and Sikhism minor religions.

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    1) Jainism arrived basically through an Indian prince who gave up worldly possessions. Considering the other legends of Buddha himself starting out the very same way, the cultural understanding of riches and the freedom of nobility to pursue higher goals, he might have possessed plenty of cultural influence for his choice directly. Sikhism's start is a bit different, but you have to remember the time period in which it arose, as well. In India during the 1500s, quite a few tensions were arising; you had multiple major religious influences who had previously been allowed to expand naturally without hindrance but who now competed amongst each other for attention?something definitely influencing the Sikhs' need to formulate "defense" and strategy to stay in practice. You also had colonization, which eventually worked to the Sikhs' favor, but at the beginning of the religion seemed to threaten its ...

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    Jainism and Sikhism is examined in the solution. The expert identifies the cultural factors that led to the development of Jainism and Sikhism. An evaluation and analysis of strict ethical standards of Jainism is determined.