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    Allah's Revelations to Mohammed

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    God's revelations to Mohammed were provided by the Angel Gabriel. These revelations are supposed to directly from god. In this sense, Muslims believe that Muhammad essentially acted as god's loud speaker, and that what is revealed in the Quran is perfect.

    Why is it significant, that Muhammad received this revelation, and what impact does it have on Islam?

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    Mohammed was either semiconscious or in a trance when the angel Gabriel ordered him to "Recite!" and record the message that the angel was about to give him. The angel's command to Mohammed was much like the commands given earlier in history to Ezekiel of the Old Testament and to "John" of the Book of Revelation by similar Custodial personnel.
    When Mohammed awoke, it seemed to him that the angel's words were "inscribed upon his heart." This is significant, for it suggests that Mohammed, like Ezekiel, John, and perhaps even Constantine, had been drugged and mentally tampered with so that the message would be more firmly implanted in his mind.

    The message given to Mohammed was a new religion called "Islam," which means "Surrender." Followers must "surrender" to God. Members of Mohammed's faith are therefore called "Moslems," which comes from the word "muslim" ("one who submits"). Islam was one more Custodial religion designed to instill abject obedience in humans.

    The Supreme Being of the Islam faith is named "Allah," who was said by Mohammed to be the the same God as the Jewish and Christian Jehovah. Two key themes of the Koran are its Day of Judgment prophecy and its "fire and brimstone" depiction of Hell. Mohammed honored Moses and Jesus as Allah's two previous messengers and proclaimed Islam to be the third and final revelation from God. It was therefore the duty of all Jews and Christians to convert to ...

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