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    Crucifixion Accounts: Differences and Reasoning

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    What can we compare and contrast from what happens after Jesus dies on the cross in Mark and Mathew?

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    When it comes to the gospel accounts, there is actually quite a bit of difference between them in some respects; the relay of crucifixion event is one of them. That said, the differences can often be understood more easily when taking into account the intentions, audiences, and dialectical expectations of the authors of those gospel accounts.

    Take, for example, the Matthean inclusion of the fact the Judas is paid "30 pieces of silver" (Mt. 26:14-16); while in the Markan account, that fact is only relayed by the phrase "promised ...

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    The solution describes major differences between the Matthean and Markan accounts of Jesus' crucifixion, with potential explanation for such differences given where appropriate.