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Depression with Anxiety Features

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Psychology, Counseling, DSM-V diagnosis practice.

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Hope is a 30-years old mixed-race female. She works as a veterinary medicine doctor. Her family background is troublesome to her, as her Dad was not nice to her Mom and her. She suffered childhood neglect by her parents who eventually got divorced. She is the only child and that's why she feels that she has no close family support system. Her only friend recently got married and moved to another part of the country, earlier in the year. In the past decade, she has tried to engage in relationships with men, but all her dates have been disappointing to her. They cheated on her and made her feel that she is abnormally different, because she is so sensitive to the injustice, pain and suffering in the whole world, especially of little children. Hope has ...

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DSM-V diagnostic criteria practice on a made-up case study