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Biological Depression

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This is your opportunity to present your side on the cause of depression, an alternative side on the cause of depression, or to produce a researched opinion on some other topic in general psychology approved by your instructor.

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Depression can be extreme to the point that it is impossible for an individual to meet the requirements of daily living. For example, people may fall into despair, unable to make social contacts. These persons are stated to be suffering from clinical depression. Clinical depression as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR, [APA], 2000) include major depressive disorders. Depression associated with biological factors is a recognized clinical syndrome of affective disorder (a psychotic disorder of emotion), or major depressive disorder. As defined in the DSM-IV-TR, the essential features of major depressive Disorders are clinical signs and symptoms that are characterized in the DSM-IV-TR by "one or more major depressive episodes" (p. 369).

For instance, many depressive clients experience periods of mania (an affective disorder characterized by energetic, impulsivity, distractibility and high energy. Depression is divided into two categories: (a) active depression triggered by a negative experience (e.g., the ...

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This solution examines biological causes of depression.