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Burn Out Blues

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Employee "burnout" is common, yet there is little empirical research or understanding of it.
Part A. Describe a time in which you have experienced burnout. What led to the burnout? How did you feel and think while experiencing it? How did you overcome burnout?

Part B. Describe three ways that you think are best for overcoming burnout. Make sure to support your suggestions with details and explanations.

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After completing the same task over and over again, it can truly become a tedious one. Your body can literally become fatigue and you are physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. According to the Help Guide (n.d.) burn out occurs when you begin to feel helpless, and completely worn out. When you experience burnout, then your problems have the tendency to appear larger than what they really are. You can become unhappy, stressed, and feel very unproductive. The time I experienced the most burn out was my first year teaching. I was very tired all of the time. I felt like I couldn't get ahead on lesson planning, grading papers, calling parents, and then actually trying to teach. Even though you go through training to become a teacher, nothing ever gets you prepared until you actually do it. ...

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How can you cope with burnout?