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Dissociative Identity Disorder - Recovered Memories

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Read the material in chapter eight on DID. Considering the controversies surrounding this disorder the text leaves with a focus on the unresolved issue of the reality of recovered memories in DID (p. 302-303). Then go to the website of the American Psychological Association and read the summary regarding this issue at:

APA website on Dissociative Identity Disorder

What is your view? Are recovered memories accurate for DID clients? If DID is a true disorder does the actual accuracy of recovered memories matter in treating the condition? Would inaccurate memories have a bearing on understanding and treating the disorder? From a public/legal point of view, how much trust can we place in the accuracy of recovered memories for these clients? Support your position.

Text books I am using are the following:

Abnormal Psychology (14e)
Butcher, Mineka, Hooley

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The degree to which recovered memories are accurate for the DID clients, varies from individual to individual, and this accuracy can be highly distorted by the personality or identity the person was under the influence of doing the formation of such memories. In addition, the accurateness of the recovered memories for each DID client, can ...

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