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Differences and similarities on theories of intelligence.

Compare and contrast the two theories of intelligence. Which do you think explains intelligence best? Be sure to back up your opinion with information and personal experience. Why do we consider several different theories of intelligence instead of deciding on the best theory?

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Charles Spearman a London psychologist became interested in a person's mental ability while in the British Army. He started to research aspects of intelligence on a group of 24 school aged children. This research led him to theorize that all people have a general intelligence or factor g and a specific intelligence or factor s. An individual's general intelligence determines how well a person will do on cognitive assessments, while the individual's s factor influences the overall assessment, concluding that a person who scores low on one test will score low on all the other's and an individual who scores high will score high on all other cognitive tests. Spearman believed that ...

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This solution is comprised of over 400 words with references on the similarities and differences between Dr. Charles Spearman's theories of intelligence and Dr. Robert Sternberg's.