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Keeping Records Ethically

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What type of records would it be ethical for a psychologist to keep in order to prepare for the client session? What types of challenges exist when it comes to record keeping when working in various setting in the clinical, organizational and educational setting? When conflict arises between ethics and organizational demands, who owns the records and ethical paperwork?

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It can be challenging when keeping records, especially from an ethical stand point. The psychologist must decide the level of detail of the records being kept. If the psychologist is working in an organization or in management, it could be beneficial to keep a minimal record which could provide maximum privacy. For a psychologist working in a clinical setting, more detailed records must be kept in order to provide the best treatment possible for the client. In this type of setting, the psychologist can sometimes keep what is called psychotherapy notes, which can be kept apart from other parts of the record. These notes can also be called ...

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Discusses types of challenges that could arise from an ethical standpoint and discusses from a personal point of view how records should be kept as well as from an ethical point.