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New APA Ethical Code and Record Keeping"

Need a brief explanation on the new APA ethical codes when it comes to record keeping vs the old code.
Is their a preferred electronic program for record keeping?

Thoughts or suggestions welcome

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*Need a brief explanation on the new APA ethical codes when it comes to record keeping vs. the old code.

Research shows that American Psychological Association (APA) adopted the first ethics code in 1953 (Flanagan, Miller & Jacob, 2005). They assert that the APA Ethics codes have since been periodically revised with the 10th version approved in 2002. The current version has the same title, "Ethical Principles for Psychologists Code of Conduct" (APA, 2010). By comparison, the 1992 Ethic Codes for record keeping is listed under the subtitle section of "Privacy and Confidentiality", and are paraphrased as follows:

5-04—Psychologists maintain appropriate confidentiality in storing, accessing, transferring, and disposing of records under their control whether written, automated or any other manner. Further, they must maintain and dispose of these records in a manner that is in accordance with law.

5.07—If confidential information concerning recipients of psychology services is to be entered into a database or a system of records, and the information is available to persons for whom the client or patient has not provided his or her consent, the psychologist must use a system of coding or some other technique to protect the patient or client's identity,

5.09—Psychologists must make plans to protect information in the event of his or her death, injury, or withdrawal ...

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