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The Dark Side of Self-Esteem

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The "Dark Side" of Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem often have problems in life��"they make less money,
abuse drugs, and are more likely to be depressed (Salmela-Aro & Nurmi, 2007;
Trzesniewski & others, 2006). As you learned in Chapter 1, though, a correlation
between two variables is sometimes caused by a third factor. Maybe people low in
self-esteem also faced poverty as children, experienced sexual abuse, or had parents
who used drugs, all possible causes of later struggling. Sure enough, a study
that controlled for these factors found that the link between self-esteem and negative
outcomes disappeared (Boden & others, 2008). In other words, low self-esteem
was not the cause of these young adults' problems��"the seeming cause, instead,
was that many could not escape their tough childhoods.

Please pick a famous person or character to describe that may fit these characteristics

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A discussion regarding an example of the dark side of self-esteem and how low-self esteem may not be a major cause of depression and drug abuse. 246 words.

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The reading that you did seems to find more of a correlation between a tough childhood and problems experienced as an adult. I agree with this however, I would also go further and say that there is still a link between self-esteem and bad choices being. I link these two because it is often the case when a child has a parent who abuses drugs, ...

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