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Breast cancer, treatment, and sexual impacts

Explain the physiological issues present in the Physician Referral Sheet might impact the woman's overall mental health and sexual functioning. Also, how your understanding of this person's physiological issues might inform your counseling work with her.


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First, the Physician Referral Sheet indicates that this woman has recently been diagnosed with a life threatening illness, cancer, and undergone life saving treatment. This alone, although it is a physiological problem, is equally psychological. Contending with an illness this serious causes one to face their own mortality which often leads to the most severe internal stress and turmoil. When diagnosed with cancer there is a good chance that you may die. This has a significant impact on one's mental health. This can trigger major depression, anxiety, anger, etc. When going through something this serious physically, ...

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This answer discusses a case in which a woman was diagnosed and treated with breast cancer who develop problems with painful intercourse without a physical cause. It goes on to discuss a course of action in counseling and what possible contributing factors may be.