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Applying Crisis Theories

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To understand effective service delivery in response to critical incidents, counselors must first understand theories of how individuals process crisis and models for responding to survivors. Can you help me Briefly describe each of these models.

1.) The Equilibrium Model (Caplan, 1961)

2.) The Cognitive Model (Ellis, 1962)(Please paraphrase)

3.) Psychosocial Transition model (Dorn, 1986)

4.) For each, explain its value in counseling individual(s) who have experienced or are experiencing crisis, trauma, or disaster. Be specific and provide examples to illustrate your points.

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Crisis Theories

i)a psychological transition takes place when encountering loss , crisis and leads client to change or adapt their assumptions of the world
ii)people are products of their genes and learning from the social environment
iii)people are constantly growing, changing and developing
iv)crisis is an opportunity for people to assess, collaborate and work through crisis to achieve adaptive behavior by using environmental resources
v) examines social systems and how they need to change to assist transition in crisis

Case example of counselling an individual experiencing crisis- boyfriend leaving/romantic relationship breakup

- this counsellor would ask client how has she adapted in the past when relationships break up. How are her current other relationships ie family, work etc. How has this client dealt with crisis in the past- ie. identity development- Erikson's identity vs. Role Confusion, or intimacy vs. isolation

- The client then explain how her social system has ...

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This solution explores three crisis theories of equilibrium model, cognitive model, and the psychosocial model and different approaches to crisis counselling.