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Researching in Psychology

To the development of a research in psychology, question is an important step in the research process. Some of the factors that should be considered before creating a research question include the scientific importance of the issue, the extent of the question, and whether or not there was an interest in the findings that would result from asking the question. To further our discussion of research questions, My professor would like for each one of us to create a research question concerning an issue of our choice and to address the following items for your question:

· Identify the major variables involved.

· Classify each variable (e.g., stimulus, behavioral, independent, dependent).

· Determine whether or not the research question represents basic or applied research.


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A research question could be why do people have the impulsiveness to do things they know is wrong/ will have consequences or at all. Identify the major variables involves and classify each variable (e.g., stimulus, behavioral, independent, dependent). Some variables that are involved in identifying people's ...