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    Realism in Fantasy and Differences With Imagination

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    Characters in games such as Final Fantasy look realistic. People know they are not real, yet they want them to look more and more real. What does this need for realism in fantasy have to do with human psychology?

    What is the difference between fantasy and imagination?

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    First of all it's necessary to state that according to a motivational model of human action, all actions humans actively seek out must have some potential 'reward'. For example, eating is rewarding because if prevents hunger and eating food is pleasurable. In respect to the question, people will only seek out 'virtual games' if they find playing them a rewarding experience on some level. Creating a more realistic virtual environment presumably helps to create a more rewarding playing experience. The events portrayed in the game will appear more realistic and therefore the ...

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    The need for realism in fantasy explained from a motivational perspective, and the difference between fantasy and imagination discussed in detail. Total length approximately 400 words.