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Fantasy in "Metamorphosis"

This posting offers evidence of the correlation between Kafka's use of fantasy and its impact on the themes in his work. This posting further examines psychological transformations within the short story.

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Kafka's "Metamorphosis" utilizes fantasy as a vehicle to explore alienation of the self from both the self and society. For example, Kafka uses this concept in "Metamorphosis" to advance his theme. He examines the human condition and also ponders the meaning of human existence throughout the story. Kafka further explores alienation of the self from society through the protagonist's various psychological transformations.

Kafka's use of fantasy exposes the themes of alienation. Kafka's fantastic, postmodern tale elucidates the individual's attempt to fit into society. Therefore, Kafka uses fantasy to create a foreboding sense of alienation from society for Gregor, the protagonist. The use of Gregor's transformation from human to insect exemplifies this fantastical change.

In other words, this fantasy further reflects bizarre, incomprehensible and absurd revelations about everyday reality. For example, this fantastic tale mimics how people spend their lives ...