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    Treatement for Schizophrenia

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Read a social and behavioral sciences journal article from the last 5 years that addresses treatment for schizophrenia.
    1. Briefly summarize the key points or conclusions of the article.
    2. Identify at least 2 revelations or things you learned from reading the article.
    3. State at least 1 question that the article triggered for you about the issues covered in the article.

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    Treatment for Schizophrenia

    1. Briefly summarize the key points or conclusions of the article.
    Family members should be involved in the intervention and supervising medication for out-patient schizophrenics and improving patients who are taking medication.

    2. Identify at least 2 ...

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    This solution helps with an article regarding treatment for schizophrenia. It gives a brief summary of the article, identifies two revelations from reading the article, and outlines one question triggered by the issues in the article. The explanation is given in 137 words with one reference.