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    Psychological research

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    Include links and tips for writing psychological research.

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    In psychology many different areas are investigated, with research projects employing both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The following is an example of the main areas that should be included when writing up psychological research.

    1. Abstract

    The abstract should be the first thing in the research write-up, this should be around 150 words and be a brief over view of the research, the abstract should include:

    - What the research question was
    - What methodology was employed
    - The main results
    - Further research

    The abstract needs to be kept brief, but should have enough information for the reader to understand your piece of research.

    2. Introduction

    The first part of the introduction should be a review of background literature and investigations that have been studied in the area in the past. The literature used must be relevant to the research question that you want to answer.

    The introduction should have a coherent narrative structure or a kind of 'story line.'

    In the second part of the introduction you should explain why you are conducting the research, why now? Follow this explanation with a clear statement of the aims of the research and your research question/hypothesis.

    3. ...