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Case Study: Crystal Witt

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Client Crystal Witt is a security guard working part time. She go to school part time. She has no social life her friends are always busy when she is not. She has 2 boys and 2 step daughters and 1 grandson. It seems as if her step daughters are her children as well. Her kids are ages 25 and 28. They both still stay with her and they expect her to cook all the time. They both give her money on the rent but not as much as Crystal expects. Crystal is unhappy with her personal apperance she has gain almost 30 pounds and has acne on her face. It seems as if she have no personal life because her two older children are still living with her and think she suppose to do everything and have no life.

What would be yours thoughts on this client and what would you do to help her? How would you describe crytsal as a person?
What are some area of concerns?
What is the state the area and nature of the concern?
What do you think her thoughts, feelings, actions, and environment/other people is?
Discuss the need for data beyond that immediately known to the client.
Describe your process for gathering this information.
Provide a possible theoretical perspective or functional model on this concern and its related factors.
Describe your current goals.

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(1) What would be yours thoughts on this client and what would you do to help her?

Crystal is either on the brink of depression, or has become depressed. She has no personal or social life, and no friends. Both her children and stepchildren, who are well into their 20's are still too dependent on her. They still live at home and they are not carrying their part of the financial burden. Based on the vignette, her unhappiness has affected how she feels about herself, including the weight gain and personal appearance.

(2) How would you describe Crystal as a person?

I would describe her as an introverted person. She has become withdrawn from having a life and allowed the children to make all the decisions. They still live at home, they decide want monies to provide for their rent. She has allowed the children to control her life. If she is always busy doing things for them. She has no time to make friends or have a social life. She needs to be more forceful in establishing rules within her home.
What are some area of concerns? The first area of concern would be Crystal's psychological and physical health, primarily psychological health. She does not appear to know how to express her emotions. Another concern is that if her depression gets worse, it could affect the entire family. At this point, there are no rules guiding the behavior of the children, and Crystal is internalizing all the emotions that she needs to express to her family. ...

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