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Stress Reduction: Selective Attention

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Topic: Stress Reduction by Selective Attention:
Write a problem statement with include responses to situational factors and/or events that occur in an individual's environment [e.g., family problems, interpersonal problems, social problems, financial problems, etc.] as these problems are associated with diversity, social change, etc.

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This solution discusses stress reduction by selective attention.

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Statement of the Problem

Stress is not simply a bad way of feeling. A large body of research exists to reveal the multiple factors that can increase vulnerability to stress, and highlight its impact on psychological and physical health. Most of the research is focused on the "flight or fight responses", without realizing the degree to which selective attention can operate to reduce stress. The concept of flight or fight response refers to the emergency reaction that helps the body prepare for stress (Cannon, 1932 as cited in Sternberg, 2006, p. 266). However, stress reduction begins with an awareness of the problem. Research suggests that before a person can cope with stress, he or she must know how it develops, and how he or she is affected by the stress. 2006). For example, Roelofs, Bakvis, Hermas, van Pelt, & van Honk (2007) focused on the psychological ...

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