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Defense Mechanisms

How likely is it for a person to live free of defense mechanism and how may various defense mechanism contribute to mental health?

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A person is not likely to live free of defense mechanisms. Many reasons are plausible on why this is the case. A person always has the need to survive. They will do whatever is possible to either earn money, or to keep their family afloat. This is not always easy nowadays when individuals are striving to get out of debt too. If anyone is in debt, this makes it much harder to get out of the situation at hand, so that he or she can enjoy life to the fullest. This may mean that the person will work over 40 hours a week or more in order to make a living. For any reason, something does not go right, whether it is at home, work, school, or any other location, then he or she will become defensive. When a person becomes defensive, they are ...

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This solution provided ways in which a person is not totally free of defense mechanisms, and how a variety of them do contribute to one's health.