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    Multiple Baseline Design Report

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    Include the following details and descriptions in your report from the graph given.

    • Subject (or subjects).
    • Setting.
    • Baseline.
    • Treatments.
    • Appropriate dependent behavior to be targeted for habit breaking.
    • Self-monitoring procedure.
    • Awareness training.
    • Implementation of self-monitoring and awareness training.
    • Target behavior.
    • Design.
    • Results.
    • Conclusions.
    • Strengths or limitations of the multiple-baseline.
    • Strengths or limitations of treatment (independent variables).

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    *Include the following details and descriptions in your report from the graph given.

    In viewing the graph, I am assuming you are asked being asked to interpret the effects of a treatment based on a case study or an experiment. Although, there is no scale, I think the following information will help you to accurately interpret the graph.

    • Subject (or subjects).

    Your subject(s) or participant(s) exhibits are individuals in your study whose behavior you wish to modify or change

    • Setting.
    The setting is the context where the behavior is being displayed (e.g., classroom, playground, home, etc.).

    • Baseline.
    The baseline is the number or percentage of the behavior recorded before any intervention was provided. For example, based on your graph there is no scale to work with so I am providing an example. If the vertical Y axis reflects the number of percentages (e.g., numbers from 0-100) and the corresponding horizontal X axis numbers are days (0 to 30). Thus, the graph is interpreted as thus:

    Let's observe at baseline for both day 4 and day 8 on the X axis, the performance behavior was recorded at 20% on the Y axis's point (example taken from, a behavior modification graph, Mitchell & Jolley, 2005, p.420). Therefore, a baseline point is recorded as stable for these days (the subject's baseline performance before treatment). The primary objective of measuring from the baseline is to make a comparison between the baseline measurement, and resulting improvement. The psychologist aim is to maintain the baseline measurement. Baseline measures can tell you whether the treatment is working. For instance, the baseline number shows that the subject's behavior is varying or not varying. Based on your graph, there is a little varying effect at baseline. A straight line would have meant no change (See, graph at www.psych) [This graph is a very good source to ...

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    This study discussed the multiple baseline treatment procedures.