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Pop psychology, science of psychology and the future of both

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This discussion will:

1 Compare and contrast the respective roles of pop psychology with the science of
psychology in contemporary society.

2 Examine the future of psychology in contemporary society.

3 Explain how psychology will impact your life.

Each discussion is about a paragraph using everyday language and giving concrete examples so you can understand what is meant.

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Solution Summary

The solution give a paragraph for each of the three requirements, using everyday language and giving concrete examples so you can understand what is meant. This is useful for introductory to psychology majors but not upper level courses that require research-based responses with citations.

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1. Pop psych comes from authors, consultants, lecturers and entertainers who are widely perceived as being psychologists because they educate the public about mental health issues and human behavior. They often help people to maximize their life style, mental outlook and overall happiness so there is a "market" for this. Professional psychologists can also join in this mainstream effort with research but the term usually implies non-research based methods for learning and sharing thoughts about living and loving with the least pain and ...

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