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Cognitive dissonance

This scenario is discussed:

Everyone experiences conflicting thoughts at times. Describe a personal situational example in which cognitive dissonance occurred for you. Using Chapter 8 of your text and other sources, explain the thinking and/or problem-solving method(s) you used to resolve that conflict for yourself. What thinking biases may have influenced the conflict originally? Which rationalizing strategies may have helped you achieve cognitive consistency?

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As you explain Cognitive Dissonance, you might want to infuse some of my ideas:

First, as you describe a personal situational example in which cognitive dissonance (Ch. 6, p.235) occurred for you, you might note that this is a psychological phenomenon. For my personal example, I was trying to lose weight. Thus, I felt a strong sense of discomfort when dining out. This discomfort happened when I faced a contradiction or a discrepancy between what I already knew about grams of fat and colors, and how I also felt torn between social eating with friends at restaurants that were fattening.

When dining at Mexican restaurants, my new information, ideas, ...

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