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Cognitive Development

This posting describes the basic premises of cognitive development theory.

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A. Describe the basic premises of cognitive development theory.

This theory talks about how people know or reason about ideas or concepts. Please note that Piaget and Vygotsky are major figures in this theory. This theory has key points. First, it believes that learning happens through social interaction. Working with others is a great way to learn skills and behaviors. This theory does not believe that learning happens all at once. Instead, this theory believes that learning happens in children's lives in stages. Learning is a process, much like climbing steps.

Another main part is that learning happens by changing to the environment. The word here is adapting to an environment. So what this means is that how the classroom is set up has an impact on learning.

Finally, two big words are "assimilation and accommodation." These words mean that people change their behaviors and learning to ...

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Cognitive Development is discussed in terms of diverse theories.