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Phenomenological Approach vs. Case Study

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Is there any in-depth knowledge that may be missed out on by using the phenomenological approach vs. the case study for a qualitative study?

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This solution focuses on the phenomenological approach in a qualitative study.

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Is there any in-depth knowledge that may be missing out on by using the phenomenological approach vs. the case study for a qualitative study?

The phenomenological approach developed in the literature as a response to the dehumanization associated with early mental health treatment (Husserl, 1913/1932 as cited in Wertz, 2005). Husserl's formulations broadened the concepts of scientific methods, and was aimed at assisting psychological researchers in the investigation of human experience and behavior (Wertz, 2005). Wertz describes Phenomenological research as being focused on lived detailed experiences as opposed to hypotheses, opinions, interpretations, inferences, or generalization regarding the phenomenon. Thus, as Wertz notes, the essence of phenomenological research is to avoid scientific knowledge, or analysis in research. Instead the investigation is brought to the subject as it exists prior to and independent of scientific analysis. For instance, as Wertz explains, the phenomenological approach ...

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