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Identify a Personality Theory and a Specific Psychological Disorder

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1. In terms of how a person's personality develops, which personality theory is best at explaining it? Personality development begins at a young age. How does the theory you picked explain the development of personality as a child grows and matures?

2. Discuss paranoid personality disorder. What are its common symptoms using DSM-IV criteria? How are these behaviors different from similar behaviors that are seen as normal in American culture? What treatment exists for the disorder?

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Tthis solution, discusses the personality theory that best explains how an individual's personality develops, then identifies a specific psychological disorder and describes the symptoms according to the DSM-IV before detailing how the behaviors associated with the disorder differ from similar behaviors considered normal in American culture and treatments. This solution is 413 words with 2 references.

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1) I think Sullivan's personality theory on inter-personal relationships and cognitive representation offers the best explanation for how an individual's personality develops. This theory emphasizes the social factors that contribute to the development of personality, hence the external conflicts. Sullivan believed that the relationship between parent (more specifically the mother) and child is a quest for security by the child. Therefore, if the child was not able to get that security from the parent, anxiety will ensue as the child grows up since anxiety exists only as a result of social interactions. This theory is very important because it takes social factors into account, thereby encouraging society to take a closer look at how we affect one another.

2) Paranoid ...

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