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Human nervous system

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What are some of the problems encountered in trying to test a nervous-system-based theory of temperament.

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Human nervous system is complex and has physiological as well as hormonal and neurotransmitter components, which certainly help in learning about the psycho-biological states of the human mental condition, but cannot be predictive of human temperament. Temperament stems from the life conditions, from before birth through adulthood, due to which the character and traits of the individual come about.

Health conditions as well as the availability of favorable environmental conditions or their lack can also be the factors of a specific temperament.

Nervous system has special functions, for ...

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Human nervous system

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Nervous Systems

Describe and explain the functions and interaction of neuron, central, peripheral, and autonomous nervous systems.

(Neuron transmits signals from the central nervous system to all parts of the body including your five senses they are, sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Neuron is also responsible for processing information through the brain.

Central nervous system (CNS) is the processing center for the nervous system. It accepts information which sends it to the peripheral nervous system. There are two key organs of the CNS they are the brain and spinal cord. The brain develops and comprehends sensory information which come from the spinal cord.
Peripheral nervous system is divided into two systems; the most important role is connecting the central nervous system to the organs, limbs and skin.

Autonomous nervous systems (ANS), is mostly motor nerves that controls the functions of involuntary muscles, cardiac muscles, and glands. ANS is also responsible for almost every organ within the nervous system.)

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