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Legal Ethical Issues in diansoses/Assessments

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Please provide your thoughts about how various legal guidelines and ethics codes influence diagnosis and assessment in general. Reference at least one potential conflict between laws in the state of Maryland state and ethical guidelines, and explain how you might address the conflict.

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This solution discusses how legal guidelines and ethics codes operate to influence assessment and/or diagnosis.

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(a) Your thoughts about how various legal guidelines and ethics codes influence diagnosis and assessment in general.

Legal and ethical standards overlap as most ethical violations results in reprimands, suspension or expulsion (Dickson, 2009). Legally as Dickson explains, various state laws and professional organization function as agents of control such as: reporting & investigating child abuse, monitoring families, and reporting to law enforcement. Thus, both ethical and legal guidelines serve similar functions--to promote acceptable behavior and/or penalize unacceptable behavior. The role of assessment in counseling practice is beneficial because it is focused on gathering data to make psychological evaluations and/or assessments that describe behavioral characteristics effective. Moreover, assessment takes into consideration competencies of the counselor and goes into detail to probe into the lifestyle and behavioral patterns of the client to solve a problem.

Research has been provided for a broader definition and use of assessment as an evaluative process. Assessment may involve a number of interventions and ...

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