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    Intent and ethical issue of the Model Penal Code

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    The Model Penal Codes says an attempted crime should be punished to the same extent as if the crime was completed.

    Does this fit with your ethical views?
    Is simply talking about committing a crime, without taking any action to carry it out, enough to establish intent?

    When completing your assignments, all spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and citations should be written in APA style.

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    Good question! I cannot answer write your paper- only guide you. As you have not stated your ethical view,your personal question- does this fit with your ethical view? But I can guide you in conceptualizing this topic and help you think about how it may fit into ethics.

    i) Summary of Model Penal Code- the purpose of these codes is to influence a standardization of law across the states. Criminal law in the USA is state specific not federal. It encourages using broad concepts such as considering the state of mind of the perpetrator, intent ie. malicious intent or negligence/accident. The focus of the ...

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