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Asperger's Disorder and Criminal Behavior

Research a study that influences public policy and/or law in forensics or in forensic settings. Include the population studied, key data and results, and other important takeaways of the article. How a forensic psychology professional might use the results of the study to influence public policy and/or law in forensics or in forensic settings should be included.

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Here is a link to a study that examines that effects of Asperger's Disorder in the forensic population and how that influences psychiatric-legal practices.

The population studied was individuals with Austims/Asperger's Disorder as compared to others that had committed crimes. Key findings included:
-People was AD/ASD are common misdiagnosed with personality disorders.
--People with AD/ASD are more likely to have other psychiatric conditions as well.
-The presence of AD/ASD is much higher in the forensic population than the general population.
-AD/ASD in criminal populations is under ...

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This solution examines the connections between ASD and criminal behaviors.