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    Cognition, Thinking and Brain Damamge

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    How do people with a brain injury "think"? How has brain damage changed our notions of cognition? Please provide a brief, but specific response, for better understanding.

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    1. How do people with a brain injury "think"?

    Thinking involves cognitive processes (e.g. attention, memory, concentration, expression of thoughts, etc.) that occur in different areas of the brain. Depending on the nature, the extent and the area specificity of the brain injury, different thinking processes can be affected in varying degrees. No two people are alike. Brain injury often results in cognitive problems: "Cognitive problems involve deficits in attention, memory, and higher-level regulatory or executive processes" (The Effects of Brain Injury). Thus, people with brain injury think the ...

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    This solution examines how people with a brain injury "think." It also examines how research on brain damage has changed our notions of cognition. Supplemented with an article describing the effects of brain damage on human thinking, feeling and behavior.