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Pros and cons of moral education

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Discuss whether moral education or values clarification should be included in both the school curriculum (at the elementary, middle school, high school and college levels) and work place (e.g. job place rules).

What are the pros and cons of such programs?
At what age should children be exposed to values clarification?
How can values be presented so that they are not offensive to students with different cultural and religious backgrounds?
Do we have the right to tell adults how to behave?
What are at least (5) values that all children and adults must posses.

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I am a strong advocate of moral education at the K-12 level as well as the workplace. Since few people today are attending church, temple, or religious services where these values are traditionally taught, I believe the school is the perfect place to infuse them.

One reference agrees:

Koh, C. (2012). Moral development and student motivation in moral education: A Singapore study. Australian Journal Of Education (ACER Press), 56(1), 83-101.

Koh suggests that moral education has an inherent value in k-12 curriculum, especially due to recent world events such as the threat of terrorism and the global economic crises. Both "have rekindled an ...

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