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Midlife Crisis Meaning

Middle adulthood marks the time period in which some adults face the fabled midlife crisis. What exactly is that though? Do you think you will go through one, or did you have one? Can it be avoided?

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The midlife crisis occurs in men at about 39 and women at about 44, which is the average halfway point. The realization that they are getting older, which is accompanied by physical changes, can be distressful for some people. Often these people in crisis engage in activities that help them cope, such as buying a sports car, dating someone considerably younger then themselves or wearing clothes that are considered fashionable for a younger person. Midlife crisis also affects a person's sense of accomplishment and career progression; many people feel they have wasted a portion of their lives not pursuing the right career or their dreams. Here are some examples:

Max looks in the mirror one morning. He sees bags under his eyes, graying hair, and a slight bulge around his midriff. He could very appropriately ask himself, "When did this happen?" Suddenly, he realizes that externally he no longer looks like the person he remembers seeing in the mirror. He has at least two options. He can dye his hair, ...

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