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Late Adulthood

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Brief description of either a physical, cognitive, or social-emotional change related to late adulthood. Explain one positive and one negative approach to addressing the age related change you described. Explain how both approaches impact an individual's quality of life and successful aging. Be specific, provide examples to illustrate, and justify your response with citations from the learning resources.

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This is an essay on how to help people in late adulthood who do or may have sleep problems. It also tells how if the elderly do not sleep well it will or could lead to other issues.

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In Late Adulthood physical changes will occur like in sleep patterns. They tend to go to bed earlier and rise in the mornings earlier. They often take naps in the afternoons. Sometimes insomnia increases in late adulthood that could be due to other health problems. One positive approach to teaching these adults to sleep better is to try and avoid caffeine, not to take too many over-the counter sleep medications, try to stay active mentally and physically. They should also limit naps throughout the day. The late adulthood set can improve their quality of life if they exercise when they can and they continue to try and find something to keep their mind stimulated they may be able to keep their memories of what happened in their lives to share with others. If at this stage of life they continue to sleep longer and not engage in various activities that stimulate their bodies and minds they will begin to literally deteriorate in all ways. They will lose body strength and mental agility to even do their own activities of daily living. One ...

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