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Characteristics of Generation X

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What are the characteristics of the Generation Xers? When is generation X? Provide references.

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The characteristics of Generation Xers are explained in this solution, along with the years linked to Generation X.

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1. What are the characteristics of the so-called Generation X?


Generation X workers resent the labels that have been used to describe them: slackers, arrogant, disloyal, having short attention spans. In fact, these descriptions are less likely to reflect the behaviors of individuals in Generation X than the perceptions of managers who are not attuned to new ways of learning.


Others have viewed the Generation X in a more positive light. Drawing on the work of others, Brown (1997) explained the characteristics to Generation X in a more positive light, and as a function of the changing generation they grew up in. Being an educator, she linked these characteristics to new ways of learning:

1. Having grown up with both parents working/furthering their education, Xers are used to getting things done on their own. Hence, they tend to be independent problem solvers and self-starters. They want support and feedback, but they don't want to be controlled.

2. Because many of them grew up with computers, Generation Xers are technologically literate. They are ...

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