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    Electrical Properties of an Individual Neuron and Implanting Electrodes into the Brains of Prisioners

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    brief description of the electrical properties of an individual neuron. explain how those properties may change over time. describe the potential ethical implications of implanting an electrode in the brain of a person convicted of murder that prevents the person from being aggressive, instead of sending him or her to prison

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    The first part of your question is something I have answered in similar fashion not long prior to this posting, the below description of electrical properties is very similar to how I described it to another student.

    The electrical properties of a neuron are dependent on the expression and function of multiple ion channels. Some select ones include Na, K, Ca ion channels. These channels can be voltage-gated, as in a change in membrane potential will trigger their activation (and deactivation), or ATP-dependent, such as the Na/K ATP pump.

    The neuron exists within a chemical environment where concentrations of different ions are very different from those of concentrations in the neuron itself. For example, there is very little calcium ions freely floating in the cytoplasm of the neuron itself, and much more of it exists outside of the neuron. The same can be said of Na, but the opposite may be true for most neurons in the case of K. The activation of a neuron, to stimulate it to transduce a signal, relies on this difference in concentrations. Stimulation of the neuron, depolarizing it, causes the activation of Na channels to open, allowing rapid influx of Na ions into the cell. This ...

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    The expert examines the electrical properties of an individual neuron and implanting electrodes.