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Students with Emotional Behavioral Dusturbance

What type of instructional practice is used when teaching students with Emotional Behavioral Disability. What type of behavior interventions and modifications or systems are used when teaching students with Emotional Behavioral Disability. Why are these practices effective and from your own experience what would you recommend in terms of improving?

1. Testing to see the educational level
2. Finding the least restrictive environment to teach
3. Positive reinforcement for good behaviors
4. Consequences for poor behavior
5. Creating a positive environment where learning and staying on task is clear to students
6. Classroom rules and norms should be posted in a high visibility place in your classroom.

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Each student with Emotional Behavioral Disability needs to have their own individual plan. Some students need quieter or more carefully monitored classrooms to keep going on assignments. The idea of behavior intervention works like this: First there is an antecedent or the trigger of the behavior (shouting out, refusing to do work, and behaviors of physical kinds as well). If the teacher and aides can create an environment that allows for breaks, and the ...

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In this solution, I describe the ways to cope with having EBD students in the classroom. I identify behaviors, and I give a short description of techniques to use with these behaviors.