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    Speech Disorder together with Attention Deficit Disorder

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    Read the scenario below and imagine that you are working with this child.

    Mary, an eight-year-old student, is entering third grade in the fall. In the past two school years, she has been diagnosed with a speech disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. Additionally, the results of her intelligence tests suggest that she requires academically gifted resources. Because of all of her needs, she has been unable to make friends and reports feeling depressed and anxious about attending school. Maryâ??s parents have hired you to work with her on developing her social skills. You have been invited to attend the school staffing to offer your suggestions for helping her parents, teachers, and school support staff (school counselor, school psychologist, and school social worker).

    1. Imagine that Mary is going to be in a gifted class with new students. What problems might Mary have in making friends in her class?

    2. Do you think that other gifted students in Maryâ??s class might also have problems making friends? Why or why not?

    3. Considering Maryâ??s speech disorder, ADD, and need for gifted services, what strategies might help her to learn best in the classroom and at home?

    4. How do learning disabilities such as the ones that Mary has differ from other types of disabilities?

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    1. Mary is somewhat unusual because boys are three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than boys. Attention Deficit Disorder falls under the ADHD category. She may have problems maintaining and shifting focus, she may be easily distracted, disorganized and forgetful. These traits can cause problems when Mary is trying to make friends. She may start daydreaming and forget who she is talking to, or forget their name soon after she was told what it was. She may be overwhelmed by the ...

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