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Capstone Project: Young Male Child with ADHD

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I need assistance in setting up a project for my capstone class. I am to select a hypothetical client and start with a template. I would like to chose a young male child as a client, grade school with behavior issues (maybe ADHD).

Past history of treatment? Y/N-No
Number of siblings
Marital status
Criminal record? If so, what were the charges?
Statement of Main Problem
What does your client look like physically (be specific, body type, height, hair and eye color, unusual tattoos or piercings, type of clothes, etc.)
How does your client sound (emotionallyâ?"sad, happy, neither)?

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Name: David Woods Age: 7 years old Gender: male

Ethnicity: Mixed ancestry
Past history of treatment: No
Number of siblings: 1 brother (8) and two sisters (4 and 6 years)
Marital Status: Single
Criminal Record: If so, what were the charges?
Client reported a school disciplinary record. He has difficulty adhering to school rules and regulations. He has constantly been suspended from school for disruptive behavior.

Statement of Main Problem: According to the client (be specific and add all possible complaints that the client might have):

David is experiencing symptoms associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) that include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR [APA], 2000). He is unable to control behavioral impulses. David shows signs of emotional problems such as: (a) organizing tasks, (b) displaying inattentiveness, (c) becoming distracted, and (d) having difficulty in playing or interacting with other children. In addition, David is forgetful, and does not complete his homework. He also reports that he doesn't think the teacher and the other children like him.

The client reports that the teacher warns him that if he doesn't do better he will fail in her class. He reports that he is trying to do well, but can't. He keeps getting bad grades. He is afraid that his parents will find out and is feeling scared and alone.

What does your client look like physically (be specific, body type, height, hair and eye color, unusual tattoos or piercings, type of clothes, etc.)?

David is a meek small and scrawny kid with large, sad eyes. His air is unruly providing him with a "devilish" look, although when the sadness lifts an ...

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