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    Split Brain Patients

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    Provide an explanation of how split-brain patients demonstrate the organization of the brain. Describe two similarities and two differences between split brain patients and conjoined twins. Define "personhood" as it relates to split brain patients or conjoined twins.

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    (1) [Provide] an explanation of how split-brain patients demonstrate the organization of the brain.

    Research is presented to explain the human brain as a collection of neurological mechanism that is wired to carry out many functions. That is, the left and right brain have different abilities and carry out various functions, independently (Gazzaniga, 2002). For example, the interpretive mechanism of the left hemisphere of the brain is wired to interpret the meaning of events focused on order and reason; whereas the right hemisphere brain cannot. As Gazzaniga further explains, in the split-brain person both hemispheres are involved in the perception of "illusory contours". That is the right hemisphere processes information from the left visual field; whereas the left hemisphere processes data from the right visual field. However, it has been discovered that the right hemisphere is able to grasp certain perceptual groupings that the left hemisphere could not.

    Moreover, whereas both hemispheres in a split-brain person can judge whether illusory rectangles are fat or thin, when no line is draw around it; only the right hemisphere can continue to judge the experience (Gazzaniga, 2002). According to Gazzaniga, the implications is that damage to ...

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    This solution demonstrates how the split-brain is organized in the brain.