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scientific research methods

In regards to the area of attention, explain how theory would be used in this area for a quantitative study and a qualitative study.

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Attention is a cognitive process that allows people to focus on a particular subject, event or idea to contemplate, learn or observe it far more closely while ignoring and setting aside other elements of the environment. Often in a classroom setting, teachers ask their students to pay attention to the lesson so that they can learn better and far more effectively. In education, attention is seen as an important element of learning and as such it is a very important and relevant topic for the purpose of exploring developmental and learning psychology. Can attention really be controlled; can it be sharpened, developed and made much more effective? Since the establishment of attention-deficit-disorder or ADD as a huge barrier in learning among children, ways of improving attention is a popular area of interest in research.

Quantitative Study

Quantitative research is a method of research that aims to measure or quantify the phenomenon under study. The data utilized in this particular area of research is numeric. This kind of study is all about asking narrow questions to arrive at specific measurements of elements associated to or that which makes up the subject of study. It is possible to study the topic of attention from a quantitative approach. The key is to measure specifics of attention. One can ...

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